"We desire to partner with INSIGHT to IGNITE and INSPIRE you higher, dismantling oppression one layer in need of healing at a time!" 

LETS PARTNER TO GET YOUR  GRIT LIT! The meaning of grit for us is a focus on what YOU can do or envision doing through purpose, passion, and goals without blame, shame or a misguided focus on what YOU are unable to control. Whether the term "YOU" represents an individual, group or an organization, we desire to ignite your passions and purpose towards becoming the best version of YOU! 

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          During the remainder of the COVID pandemic all services will be conducted virtually

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Share the Flame LLC supports the specific needs of organizations through sparking insightful development, igniting growth, inspiring a shared vision, and extinguishing resistance. Services are customized and may include:
  • Racial equity, Anti-Racism, and Trauma informed systems change assessments
  •  Professional and executive one-on-one and group customized coaching
  • Sustainable institutional climate goals in the context of an integration of trauma informed systems and change 
  • Restorative, transformational, and collective healing and justice somatic practices
  • Developmental integration of anti-oppression, trauma informed system practices on personal, professional and organizational levels
  •  Leadership, teaming and belonging through intentional addressing organizational climate exploring the perpetuation of  systemically dominant policy, procedures, etc within organizations
  • Antiracism /JEDI (justice-racial equity- diversity-inclusion) practices and somatic implementation of practices and principles that create and cultivate movement towards anti-racism, anti-oppressive, anti-exclusionary, and anti-biased organizational climates
  • Use of the Intercultural Development Inventory® as an exploration of one's developmental ability to address inequity, systemic oppression and the potential to retraumatize those who are systemically non-dominant (Jenkins, 1995-present) within the workplace on personal, professional, and organizational levels
  • Equity and an ongoing integration of Anti-racism, Anti-oppressive, trauma informed decision- making, messaging, policy creation, and implementation
    Note: Share the Flame LLC works in collaboration with entrepreneur and business innovator Christian Jenkins, MBA in supporting our business coaching and consulting work with Corporate, Academic, and Nonprofit Organizations.
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Share the Flame LLC creatively ignites individuals and groups on personal and professional levels and supports them developmentally where they are to where they desire to be. Services are customized  and may include:
  • Next-level life dreams, desires, and goals exploration
  •  Relationship  development
  •  Opportunities to individually, collectively, and communally explore and ecologically navigate racialized trauma and minoritization at the intersections within themselves, their relationships, their work and societal spaces
    Note: Although trauma informed care can be therapeutic, our coaching strategies are not clinical nor medical therapy. If you are having deeper issues with trauma on therapeutic levels, then please acquire assistance through clinical support and intervention
  •  On the other side of that, Share the Flame LLC works with those who desire to support those who experience racialized trauma and minoritization, to process ones own white body supremacy and prevent retraumatization and racialized harm towards Black, Brown, Indigenous, and Lighter Melanated bodies
  • Addressing white body supremacy and to reclaim melanated body culture through somatic abolitionism (Resmaa Menakem, 2017)
  • Exploring ones "IST of an ISM: systemically dominant and systemically non-dominant (Jenkins, 1995)" identities and intersectionality (Crenshaw, 2017)  development
  • Support systemically dominant (Jenkins, 1995) individuals and groups to explore and navigate their racialized development and the impact it has on those who are Black, Brown, Indigenous and Lighter Melanated (Non-white) 
  •  Ecologically identify needs for radical self care, collective care, and  communal care
    Note: Share the Flame LLC works in collaboration with Holistic + Whole LLC which is owned by Yoga and Nutrition Coach Christina Jenkins, to provide holistic health and wellness (yoga nira, affirmation meditation, anxiety and trauma yoga, holistic nutrition coaching, and applied psychology coaching)
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Share the Flame LLC desires to inspire  your organization and or event higher through:
  • Transformational Ted Talks
  •  Motivational keynotes
  • Interactive workshops and presentations
  • Thought provoking social justice storytelling
  • Compelling panelist participation
  • Constructive informing 
  • Empowering commencement speeches
  • Collective call to equity as action  
  • Insightful Podcast interviews
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Below Dr. Debi provides insight to address racialized and collective trauma during the COVID pandemic.